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Diabetics are always hungry when they don't have enough to eat. Here are 6 ways to solve it

1. Calculate the daily amount of staple food

According to the nature of the individual's work, labor intensity and weight and other specific circumstances, calculate the daily staple food quantity. Generally speaking, the daily staple food quantity of light manual workers is about 300-400 grams (6-8 liang). Use carbohydrate adsorption moisture expansion characteristics to increase gastrointestinal satiety.

Dinner can choose roughage staple food, a lot of sugar friends experience to eat roughage satiated feeling strong, hungry slowly, because their blood sugar generation index is lower than fine grain, in gastrointestinal digestion speed is slow. It is suitable to eat noodles and cook them on the spot. Noodles should be sliced or hand-rolled with hard noodles. Pay attention to dry and thin matching.

2. Eat small, frequent meals

Daily diet total amount allocation to 4-5 meal, dinner once every three to four hours during the day, 1 to 2 hours before sleeping again a few snacks, to blood sugar fluctuation is bigger, through bad dose adjustment of diabetes patients with insulin and drugs effect is best, so that both can solve the problem of "hungry", and can avoid the postprandial blood sugar is high, low blood sugar before meal.

3. Mix meat and vegetables, not just vegetables

Some elderly people pay attention to the control of animal fat, but not less vegetable oil, lean meat and fish and shrimp can also eat some of the right amount, so that can delay gastric empting time, avoid often produce hunger.

4. Vegetables

Eat more vegetables with meals and fruits that are low in sugar after meals to increase "satiety."

5. Nuts in moderation

Nuts contain oil, there is a sense of satiation, but need to pay attention to the melon seeds can not eat too much, 15 grams (about 15-18 grains) peanuts can produce 90 kilocalorie calories, equivalent to 25 grams of staple food or the heat of an egg, hungry to eat a few less good.

6. Adjust treatment plan

Some 'sugar friends' eat a lot but always feel hungry, need to see whether the blood sugar is well controlled, whether there is insulin resistance. Diabetic patients with insulin resistance are not sensitive to insulin and their blood sugar cannot be fully utilized. After eating, a large amount of insulin is stimulated to secrete, and blood sugar decreases rapidly, so they feel hungry. Such patients should follow the doctor's advice to choose their own hypoglycemic drugs.

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